Basic Supplies Year 1

NOTE : Please keep in mind that these will last you more than one school year. This helps to spread out the costs. All the notebooks have a use, and will be used for more than just one school year unless you fill them up. 



Preschool & Kindergarten

Simple List - Use what you have! If you want to know what we use, click the links.

- Liquid Watercolor Paints : Doesn't matter what brand, you need the primary colors [red, yellow, blue]

- A Mop Paintbrush : A large paintbrush for them to use on large paper.

- Watercolor Paper : At least 11x15 or 15x22 sized

- Crayons : Beeswax or whatever you have

- Spiral Notebook : Something simple [primary lined]

- Nature Journal : [Optional. Great for joining older siblings. Plain notebook works!]


Grades 1st - 2nd

Linked below are what we use. Exact materials are not required 


Grades 3rd - 12th

Linked below is what we use. Exact materials not required. 


Dyslexic Children

Supplies listed above for grade plus :

  • Letter Tiles or you can use Banangrams or Scrabble Tiles if you have them. This is for spelling words out. 


How Much Do I Need?

I'm going to try to give my best judgment here, but ultimately you decide and just see what works best. Start small and then add only as needed.

Paints: Watercolor [liquid] and the pan paints have lasted us a couple years and still going. We are just now getting low on the liquid watercolors. We have the tiny stockmar ones.

Paint Brushes: My girls and I share one watercolor brush set of 6. The more Everett paints, the more we might need 2 sets.

Glue Sticks & Pencils: All of them. I kid. They run out or run away around here, so we keep this stocked.

Spiral Notebook: 1 single subject per child should last for two years. It's not a bunch of hefty work that goes inside of it, but it will depend. Pick up some cheap ones locally. If you don't need these for record keeping, recycle them at the end of the year. Not necessary to keep. It's for spelling, grammar, dictation, vocabulary, drafts, etc.

Notebooking Journal: This is for the art notebooking pages. They use one per school year. We use front and back pages and do usually 1 per week, sometimes 2, sometimes none. At worst you may start a second one, just continue for the following year.

Joy & Wisdom Journal: These have many pages and should last for a full volume if not more. If you run out of pages, start a new one and continue however many years until it is full. Don't leave empty pages to start a new one for a new school year.