Where Do I Start & What Do I Need

by Jane

Two questions that often come up when someone first hears about Lamp + Light Homeschool is : Where Do I Start? and What Do I Need?

Even though the lists are available on the site, the confusion is usually caused by this curriculum being very different from the norm. We are happy about being different! But, I do want to help make the process much simpler for everyone first coming to Lamp + Light.

Seven Steps to  Lamp + Light Homeschool : 

Step 1 : Prayer. Prayer is always going to be the first step. No plan for your homeschool is complete without praying first. You won’t be able to “follow the peace” until you’ve been in communication with God. Following the Peace is where you feel calm about the decision you’re making. It’s that first moment you make a decision and you feel peace about it. Fears and anxieties that pop up afterwards is the enemy trying to keep you from following God’s best for you.

Step 2 : Download the Sample. It helps to see what it looks like and it’s free. Keep in mind that this is not your average curriculum. We do things against the grain, and with a whole different mindset from the world. This curriculum will not be for everyone. If you’re looking for a super rigorous classical education, this is not for you. If you’re looking to find a calm, simpler, anxiety free zone in your homeschool, this is for you.

Get Download Here.

Step 3 : Look at the Required Book Lists. There’s one for PreK-Kinder and one for 1st grades through 12th. We highly recommend delayed start education [starting around 6-8 years old] but we added the PreK-Kinder to show a simple way to play, read and learn without academics. Slow and simple is the rhythm of PreK and Kinder. For 1st-12th we build as the ages/grades go, but you may always add from a higher level for your child or take something off for a child that needs less.

See Req. Book List Here [PreK-Kinder]

See Req. Book List Here [1st-12th]

Step 4 : Look at the Basic Supplies List. This list shows exactly what we have used over the many years of our homeschooling with this method. You do NOT need to purchase the exact same basic supplies that we use. Some of the more expensive things, we acquired over time, not all at once. You might have many or even all of the supplies already. Use what you have versus purchasing more things. When what you have has been used up, look back at the list for suggestions. You DO need liquid watercolors [primary red, blue, yellow] for PreK-Kinder, but you may use any brand that fits your budget if you don’t have that.

See Basic Supplies List Here.

Step 5 : Download the Notebooking PDF in the shop. This will show you what the notebooks look like in action; what they’re used for.These notebooks are the heart of Lamp + Light Homeschool. It's the portfolios that show what your children have learned and so much more. We like to create beautiful keepsakes in our homeschool. 

Download Notebooking PDF Here.

Step 6 : DO NOT OVERCOMPLICATE THIS. If you’re feeling like this is complicated, you are way overthinking it. Everything is written out for you on the lists. Just look at the grades you are teaching and get those things, always checking what you have first and don’t be afraid to use the library instead for your materials needed.

Step 7 : Prayer. Pray without ceasing. You’re going to need faith, step out into it, let go of the fear, the anxiety and the worry. They are time wasters and you don’t need that anywhere in your homeschool. It won’t always be easy, but the journey is so beautiful. You are a great mama! Relax and start reading Teaching From Rest by Sarah Mackenzie [*Mom Reads are not required but a fun addition to Lamp + Light Homeschool].