Required Books Grades 1st-12th

We do not recommend starting History until your eldest is at least in 4th Grade. Until then just exposure to community & family life dynamics is enough [This is how we do Social Studies in Lamp + Light Homeschool]  There's no rush. They'll remember it more when they're older and it will be less redundant. You can always choose read alouds that interest your children about any time period they would like to explore. That falls under the "unschooling" of following their interests for books to read together. 


Year 1 [2018 Release] 

* Bible [All Grades. You can use the free app!]*

* Free Bible App [All Grades. For personal devotionals if you are keeping costs down]

* What Really Happened in Ancient Times [Grades 4-12th]

* What Really Happened in Medieval Times [Grades 4-12th] 

* Trial & Triumph [Grades 7th-12th] 

* Indescribable : 100 Devotions About God & Science [All Grades] **

* Any Poetry Compilation Book. Pick one or two. [All Grades] Pick one or two, you can use the Library

* Everyday Watercolor : Approx. Ages 9+ depending on your child. If you don't like it, don't do it. You can just practice with watercolors. This is building a skill used for Year 2. 

* Amazon Prime Video for scheduled History Movies [All Grades]

* Netflix for scheduled History Movies [All Grades] 

* McGuffey Readers***

   For 1st Grade : McGuffey's Primer or FREE here

   For 2nd Grade : McGuffey's First or FREE here

   For 3rd Grade : Also for delayed reader 4th Grade]: McGuffey's Second or FREE here

* The Good & The Beautiful Readers 

   For 1st grade - Level K

   For 2nd Grade - Level 1

   For 3rd Grade - Level 2

   For 4th Grade - Level 3


 Recommended Poetry Selections for English Class : Pick One or Two 

All Grades



The Word of Promise Bible is a Dramatic Audio Bible. It's like listening to a movie with background sounds and more! Over 500 actors brought the entire Bible, Genesis to Revelation, to life. This is an investment I'm glad I made. We use the app, but getting the CD version for hubby while on the road.]

  • Option 1 : App. $39 for Old + New Testament. Available in iTunes & on Google Play/Android
  • Option 2 : Download $39 to play on device, computer or to put on a flash drive.
  • Option 3 : CD $79 to play in the car, dvd player or disc drive if that's what you have.

If You Have A High School Kid

READ THIS FIRST BEFORE CONTINUING : This will be highly dependent on what your kid's goals are, if they're going to college or not,  and what your individual state/country requirements are. These are done independently.  Science is done in addition to nature study as laid out in the guide. You can definitely keep doing just Lamp + Light Homeschool and add in whatever science topics as units that your kid is interested in : add in additional written papers/essays for whatever they are studying. That would be close to unschooling track, very relaxed but focused. If your kid is wanting to go to college, check what the requirements are. The below are based on the typical requirements but it could be different at the school your kid is wanting to attend. If you live in/are a citizen of a country that is not America, you'll want to substitute out US Constitution for your own country government studies.

Science Options - In addition to Lamp + Light Science & Nature Study : 

  1. Earth Science for 9th Grade Master Books Earth Science.
  2. Biology for 10th Grade [Opt 1 - Devotional Biology or Opt 2 : Biology 101].
  3. Chemistry for 11th Grade [Opt 1 : Chemistry 101 Series or Opt 2 : MasterBooks Chemistry or Opt 3 : Berean Builders Chemistry [lab kit and audio book].
  4. Physics for 12th Grade Physics 101 Series.

History Options - Pick track One or Two : 

  1. Track One. Lamp + Light Curriculum.
  2. Track Two. The Good & The Beautiful Years 1-4, The Good & The Beautiful US Constitution & Government.

Other Options if your state is stricter on exact courses : 

  1. Track Three. Notgrass American History, Notgrass World History, Economics for Everybody, Constitutional Literacy.
  2. Track Four. MasterBooks American History or MasterBooks British History,  MasterBooks World History, Economics for Everybody, For You They Signed.


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