Required Book List Pre K & K

Pre-K + Kinder Book List :


Year 1 [2018 Release]  

* The Complete Illustrated Children's Bible 

* Nature's Day by Kay Maguire **

* Paul Thurlby's Alphabet 

* Counting with Barefoot Critters by Teagan White

* Poetry Books of your choice, use what you have or library.

* Fairy Tale books of your choice, use what you have or library.


** You may sub out for Exploring Nature with Children but will be used in Year 2.



Year 2 [2019 Release] 

* The Complete Illustrated Children's Bible

* Exploring Nature with Children 

* 52 Nature Activities Cards  by Lynn Gordon

* Sketchbook or Nature Journal [or both, you choose]

* Big Thoughts for Little People by Kenneth N. Taylor

* Poetry Books of your choice, use what you have or library.

* Fairy Tale books [Required Books Coming Soon!] 


Year 3 [2020 Release] 

Year 4 [2021 Release] 

Year 5 [2022 Release] 

Year 6 [2023 Release] 





If You Don't Have Outdoor Exploring Things ** NOT Required **

This just makes nature exploration extra fun!





If You Prefer These Over Yoga on YouTube ** NOT Required **


Here are the free yoga [links below] if you want to see it to choose for yourself. You could also sub out yoga for walking or whatever other physical activity. I previewed these to make sure they weren't inappropriate for our Christian kiddos.



Last one listed above is great in full for an indoor gym class when you can't get outside. It's also great for breaking into 3 sessions :


  • Warm Up [Great for Mornings] ends at 6:35 in the video. [approx. 6 minutes long]
  • Yoga Poses start at 6:35 and ends at 18:26. [approx. 12 minutes long]
  • Cool Down [Great for Bedtime] starts at 18:26 [approx. 7 minutes long]



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