Required Books Grades 1-12th : Year 2

Year 2 [May 2019 Release] 

* Bible [All Grades]

* Free Bible App [All Grades. For personal devotions for kids and you to do]*

* Trial & Triumph by Richard Hannula [Grades 4th-12th] 

* Indescribable : 100 Devotions About God & Science [All Grades] 

* Kid's Herb Book by Lesley Tierra 

Drawn to Nature by Claire Walker Leslie 

* Any Poetry Compilation Book. Pick one or two. [All Grades] 

* Musical Instrument [OPTIONAL. All Grades]****

* Amazon Prime Video for scheduled History Movies [All Grades]

* McGuffey Readers***

   For 1st Grade : McGuffey's Primer or FREE here

   For 2nd Grade : McGuffey's First or FREE here

   For 3rd Grade [also for delayed reader 4th Grade]: McGuffey's Second or FREE here]

* The Good & The Beautiful Readers

   For 1st grade - Level K.

   For 2nd Grade - Level 1. 

   For 3rd Grade - Level 2. 

   For 4th Grade - Level 3.



* I recommend The Bible App for devotionals you and your kids 12 and up. Keys For Kids for kiddos ages 9-11, and The Bible App for Kids for your kiddos ages 5-8. Adjust the ages as you see fit for your kids' maturity and understanding level.

** This is FANTASTIC for a Biblical Science for all ages. It leads to more research and papers/essays for older grades and very interesting discussions for all ages. Even I learned things along with my kiddos!

*** If you're going to use the free online version but prefer printed : I recommend printing out the PDFs in landscape mode, hole punch and put in a 3-prong folder. Or you can send to printer and have spiral bound with a cover. This would be cheaper than the book, if you prefer or need. You could also always just use it from a device if that is what you prefer. 

**** You do not have to do a musical instrument. If you already have one that you do, continue to grow in the skill. Great beginner instruments [you can choose any if your kid is interested in something else] are : 

PreK-2nd : GlockenspielPentatonic Flute or Recorder

3rd-6th :Keyboard or PianoPentatonic Flute or Recorder

7th-12th : UkuleleGuitar 


OPTIONAL History Read Alouds

Initially these were in the required reads, but in an effort to keep things even simpler, we have made these optional. There are a lot of history movies in Year 2. 

* What Really Happened in Colonial Times by Terri Johnson [Grades 4th-12th] 

* History Lives : Rescue and Redeem - Chronicles of the Modern Church [Grades 4th-12th]